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Dear Santa – For Christmas Intali Would Like ……

A Break

It’s been a great year for us and our clients but it’s been hard work. So we are closing the office for Christmas at 5.00pm on Dec 21st and promise not to come back until January 3rd. Hope that’s OK.


A New Surveyor

We’re on the lookout for a top quality surveyor to help us grow the business. So if you know anyone who is qualified to undertake viability appraisals and investment sales and acquisitions put them in touch with Adam. It will be a world of opportunity for the right person.


Appreciation of  Developers

Developers are not greedy. They are the engine delivering the housing target ambitions of the government. They risk enormous amounts of money to do this and they need a return to reflect that risk.  Developers sometimes need to reduce contributions to make a scheme deliverable not because they are trying to increase their profit.


Properly Funded Planning Departments 

The level of funding in planning departments and the resultant pressure on their planners is now beyond a joke. If we really want to achieve our housing targets we have to invest in the front end delivery infrastructure. That means paying the right rate for planners and getting far more of them.


Only Relevant Emails

We work hard to make sure that we only email people with stuff that will be of interest to them. We would like other companies to do the same.


Not sure how many of these Santa can sort for us but we thought we’d ask anyway.

Thanks to all our clients, professional colleagues, suppliers and staff for making 2016 so memorable.

Merry Christmas.

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