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Buying & Selling Property Investments

We buy and sell property investments for clients across the UK.
Our property investment clients generally deal at between £1m and £5m. That is our market – our “sweet-spot”.


Once we fully understand our client’s investment requirements, we will track down a property that matches their aspirations and, if they agree with our initial assessment, we will carry out full due-diligence and report on the opportunity.
As income and capital growth are the key drivers of any property investment, we will review and report on all matters that impact these elements.
We also provide a full investment appraisal with clearly stated assumptions reflecting the findings of our due diligence, recommending a bid price that meets our client’s criteria to form the basis of negotiations with the vendor.


We carry out similar due diligence research. appraisals and reporting when instructed to sell property investments, but that is only for the benefit of our client.
Although we have years of experience in dealing with property investments and are really very clever, we can’t possibly know the motivation of all buyers in the market.
That market experience allows us to predict the eventual selling price with some certainty, but the purpose of marketing is to find the very highest bidder in the market at the time of sale.
This is exactly what the main auction houses do, except that we don’t have to publish our sale success rates so we can afford to be much more bullish with our “reserve” price.