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Roseway, Stoke Golding

Before we start – I just wanted to make it clear that when we moved into the new office in March last year, we definitely paid for it without any contributions from the party or donors. Just saying.

There are many things in short supply at the moment. One is truth in politics, although that is nothing new. Another is an explanation for the value of bitcoin. That is new, but to my simple mind, completely unfathomable.

But in our world of property, the one thing we can influence is the scarcity of greenfield sites for residential development with a planning consent.

Our spectacular contribution to this shortage is to launch the sale of a site on the edge of the attractive south Leicestershire village of Stoke Golding. A site with resolution to grant outline planning consent for up to 65 houses, subject to a Section 106 agreement and, at the risk of showing my age, so “oven-ready” that even Bernard Matthews would approve.

Of course, all this verbiage is just a thinly veiled marketing exercise to get the availability of the site “out there”. So, the marketing “playbook” says I have to put a link in to the Roseway page on the website. This will also provide access to the Data Room where you will find reams of technical information relating to the site.

And I also have to say that we are not providing a price or price guide. We are going to let the market decide the value of this one by requesting unconditional best bids no later than May 28th, 2021.

If you need any more information, give us a call but, in the meantime I hope you all have a relaxing bank holiday weekend.

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