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Published on: Investment

Selecting Investments for the Private Investor

Private investors should be wary of believing the press when they report on the commercial investment market.

Reporting in the national media and property press will generally focus on the “fund” market. Here investment deals transact in the tens of millions of pounds.

There is plenty of freely available evidence and analysis for journalists to report on. This enables them to construct articles to suit the political or financial bias of their editors or owners. Although it can make for good headlines, it is not always relevant to the private investor.

Using the principles of fund investment in private investment would be as successful as applying driving techniques from Formula 1 on the road. Sooner or later a car will be coming the other way.

Funds will pursue an investment model to their own specific and sophisticated investment criteria. The press will use the fund market to support whatever news story they believe will sell their publications.  But private investors should focus on what investment will deliver a secure return on their funds.

To do this they will use their own experience or talk to people like us who are involved in the market on a daily basis.

So, despite the doomsday scenarios peddled by the press, we can report that there is still huge demand from private investors. Especially those seeking a secure, long term return on their capital.

There is also a good deal of stock still coming to the market. The problem is that the majority of it is utter rubbish (the technical term is “secondary”), with vendors seeking to take advantage of strong demand to dispose of poor quality assets. Our advice will ensure that you avoid making up for a poorly advised investor’s mistake.

Private investors want to ensure that their purchases have the best chance of increasing in value in the future.

That is what our acquisition service is designed to achieve.

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