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A strategic approach to property investment and development


Deals are still done between people, not machines. Whilst we embrace technology, nothing beats a direct conversation to really explain an opportunity and accurately understand the motivation for a buy/sell decision.

That is why we only give the briefest details on the website.

We specialise in investment and development opportunities. And the nature of our work means that we have access to many deals long before they come to the open market.

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Clients trust us to ensure they invest in properties that will preserve and grow their capital. And to make absolutely sure they avoid one’s that won’t.

Whether you are buying or selling, only detailed research, technical and fundamental analysis will tell you the price that YOU should be trading at.

So, we have invested in systems and processes to deliver that answer in a matter of hours.

Add to that 30-years’ of market knowledge and experience, active contacts to source or place deals, and we think we have a service to be proud of.

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Property development is a team game requiring advice from architects, planners, cost consultants and many more specialist professionals. Working with your team our input will answer many questions vital to land-owners and developers:

  • What is the land worth now? And with planning?
  • What should you pay for the site? Conditional or un-conditional? What conditions?
  • What is the developer return?
  • Does the current scheme produce the best returns? Can returns be improved?
  • How will planning policy/conditions impact?
  • What are the risks?

Would the answer to those questions be helpful?

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It is our business to understand the ever changing NPPF and its impact on development viability. It currently states that all sites are presumed to be viable. Really?!

Perhaps when all local authorities have prepared NPPF compliant local plans, but until then we are still here using our experience and expertise to make schemes deliverable.

Right now, it is vital that developers and land owners provide robust representation to the formation of new local plans to ensure they are realistic.

And any land acquired must be bought at the “right” price.

How can we help?

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