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We buy and sell development sites for clients across the East Midlands.
Our service is built around 30 years of market experience and local knowledge which, combined with our extensive viability work, allows us to source the sites clients are looking for.

Technical Expertise

Its all very well finding the sites, but what is it worth? In the market? To you?
At the core of all our advice is the development appraisal because the value of development land cannot be judged by reference to comparable sales – that is just lazy.
The appraisal estimates the value of the completed development proposed, subtracts all costs (including the required profit margin) and the amount left over is the value of the land for the proposed development.
All we need to know is the type of development proposed and the profit margin required – we can do the rest including assessments of development value, construction costs, timescale, interest charges and any affordable housing or other planning contributions.

Buying or Selling

How we apply the result of our appraisal depends on whether we are buying or selling.
When buying we are dealing with one specific client and their precise requirements. We can test the appraisal result using sensitivity analysis and produce a solid platform for the purchase decision.
When selling, our target market will be made up of many developers with different purchase criteria and our job is to price the site at a level that encourages interest and deliverable bids.