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Strictly Lockdown

It is so hard to write a balanced piece in these times of virus. On the one hand, we are all living in very difficult times which, compounded by the impending lockdown, inevitably leads to glum faces almost everywhere you look. On the other hand, the farce of a political class and current government we are burdened with provides endless hilarity – or it would if it were not so serious.

I have never heard politicians criticize their own party as a “shit-show” and it is rare to hear them being so accurate and honest about anything. But how else could you describe a press conference called by the government for 4:oo pm?  Sorry – scratch that it’s now 5:00 pm. Oh hang on – can we just put that back to 5:30 pm so we can finish watching the rugby? Let’s call it 6:00 pm so we can watch the post-match analysis. What do you mean the BBC won’t move Strictly? Really? OK we’ll do it at 6:45 pm.

So, if you ever needed a microcosm of incompetence – there you have it. Regardless of political persuasion, there are basic requirements for engendering trust. One is looking like you know what you are doing. Another is sounding like you know what you are talking about. Better still – if you actually do know what you are doing and do know what you are talking about, then you might begin to build some of that elusive trust.

The prescient among you will see where this is going. I’m not saying that Intali would be any good at running the country (we wouldn’t), but over 90% of our work comes through referral or repeat business. So, I’m going to draw the remarkable conclusion that clients and fellow professionals trust our judgement, work and ethic.

And we will continue to look after our clients and professional colleagues. Lockdown or no lockdown we are working as usual.

Just saying…….

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