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Hello Again……

It has been an embarrassingly long time since I last wrote anything on the blog and I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking of excuses.

As part of our spanking new digital marketing strategy, we were told that blog posts need to be a minimum of 1,500 words to capture Google’s attention, and new blogs should appear bi-annually.

I was concerned about people trying to read 1,500 of my words without falling asleep that I didn’t spot the error – they said bi-monthly. Two a month! That’s three thousand words a month which, within a year, would be somewhere near a book.

Although I have not been writing about it, we have been busy.

Since the last blog we have moved office (twice) and, although I would love to invite you along to share our fancy new meeting room and enjoy the shiny new coffee machine, that may have to wait for a while longer.

For those of you who know Leicester, you may recognise the office. Can I just assure you we have not become solicitors – of any sort.

We moved in on March 2nd. The new meeting room furniture was delivered on March 18th which was the last time we were in the office. Perfect timing as always.

And we’ve been working. Buying and selling investments all over the country, selling development land and, as always, we continue to fight the viability battle. We have an interesting few years ahead on that front.

All being well, we are planning to return to the office on June 15th but, in the meantime, we are working “normally” from our homes.

I hope we can say “hello” again soon.

P.S. Sorry Google but that’s all you’re getting.

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