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Published on: Development

York Road, Leicester

Late last year, we were approached by a family business for advice on disposing of their property in the centre of Leicester.

As you can see from the photo and the details, this was an historic property surrounded by new developments of offices and student accommodation. Clearly, the market for this would be redevelopment.

However, unusually for a property in the city centre, the building came with a large forecourt which provided 9 car parking spaces. If you have used car parking in Leicester recently, you will know that this car parking has a rental value similar to the 3,588 sq ft of workshop space.

Which, in days gone by would have made it ideal for refurbishment into “arty” offices. Remember offices? Places where people used to go to work before they didn’t.

So we had all these marketing plans ready to target the development and occupier markets, but as always, our first port of call was our Requirements list. People who let us know what they are looking for and who expect us to let them know when something comes up that matches their criteria.

And it works for buyers and sellers. Before we could place the full-page ad in the FT, we had two concrete offers and agreed on a sale at close to the asking price.

So if you have anything similar to sell – we’ve got the marketing plan ready to go at a moment’s notice……….



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