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Business Adolesence

Intali is 15 years old today!

According to the marketing guru’s, what I am supposed to do is tell you what we’ve achieved, who we’ve worked for, where we’re going and how brilliant we are. But you already know that and it is not the way we do things!

So, as a small break from the usual work stuff, we wondered how we compare to a 15 year old?

Apparently the average 15 year old groups life into three categories – relationships, technology and alcohol. If you think I’m making this up follow this link,  However I am beginning to wonder if I should have started this.



The core of any hormonal teenager’s life and the lifeblood of any business. We try to avoid sending anonymous love texts, shouting at people who spurn us, slamming doors and calling our client’s mothers begging for one more chance with their offspring. But we’re always thinking about relationships – in a good way.

We really value our client relationships. And when we say “client” we mean decision makers. We do our best work with people – not departments, corporations or authorities. We are asked to provide advice and information for people to make decisions – not to pass them on for someone else to decide in some politically driven committee.

A relationship is personal, involves trust, mutual understanding and honesty. Ask any teenager.



Where would a teenager be without technology? Probably a bit more talkative and a bit more human and with eyes that are not permanently red.

But for us technology is key to improving our service and keeping us competitive. We are the earliest of early adopters. From CRM to bespoke valuation software; for agency, acquisition, research and reporting, It doesn’t always work as planned but we’re not afraid to try.

The buzz-word these days is Prop Tech (actually two words – Ed). This has only just started and will dramatically change the way agents do business and the way property is transacted. You can be sure Intali will be at the forefront of this revolution.



We’ll leave that to the real teenagers until we’ve finished work.



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