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Published on: Investment

The Long Weekend

A recent article by the excellent David Smith discussed the UK’s productivity problem – it is definitely worth a read.

The “take-out’s” are:

  1. German workers put in 300 hours a year less than us in the UK but produce 34.5% more.
  2. European countries with higher productivity than the UK, work shorter hours
  3. The law of diminishing returns applies to working hours as much as it does to beer.

Don’t laugh, but we work really hard at Intali. Sometimes to the detriment of our individual work/life balance.

So, in a valiant, solo effort to improve the UK’s productivity and our individual work life balance, we recently held a meeting to discuss reducing working hours. Surprisingly the vote was unanimous.

Starting Friday June 1st, the office will be closed on the first Friday of every month. We will be NOT WORKING. No emails, no phone calls – nothing.

Just life. And balance.

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