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Career Opportunity – Director Designate at Intali

16th August 2017


Compared to other industries, not much has changed for commercial property agents in the last 10 years. Do not expect that to continue. Ours is a naturally conservative industry which we think is now at a tipping point. In this environment a focused, nimble and innovative agency will use all that technology has to offer to provide the best client service and out-perform its more cumbersome competitors.

Things are changing. So are we.

We aim to build on our established reputation for outstanding customer service as a niche commercial property agency into something much bigger. So we are looking for an ambitious and innovative chartered surveyor for the first stage of that growth.

For starters, our ideal candidate will have a proven track record in the specialist field of development viability. You will undertake work for existing clients and grow the viability and development side of the business.

But you will need more than that. You will need to know the precise meaning of many nouns such as ambition, desire, skill, intelligence, vision and acumen. Mix those with a few adjectives such as determined, erudite, relentless, tenacious and perhaps even stubborn. You will then know how to put them together to “make it happen”.

If you match this profile, we expect you to quickly become a Director and an integral part of the team to plan and implement the future growth of Intali.

We do not require that our new Director be present “in the office”. It just does not work like that anymore. So don’t let geography stand in your way.

Your initial salary will be no reflection of your ambition. However, you will receive bonuses based on personal and company performance and we will meet your expected desire to own a stake in Intali.

This is an opportunity to join an established company with robust, modern and efficient business systems and take advantage of the potential that the next 10 years will bring in our industry.

Tell us why it should be you.

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